Football Batman Iphone About Me


I played football for all 4 years at the high school. Believe it or not i got into football not knowing anything at all! I only knew who the quarter back was and that was it. Who knew the day i got thrusted into being a lineman, that would be my career for the nxt 4 years. Let me just say I have played soccer, track and field, baseball, basketball, cross country, and shot put. Out of all those things I have never loved a sport so much in my life.

It taught me so many life lessons. How to be a team, how to work hard in life, and when the odds are against you and all hope seems lost to pick yourself back up and to keep going. I have bled for my team, litterly. Everyday, Monday- Saturday, I wouold go to pratice, in full pads, on a 120 degree field. Out of all the teams on the NFL, my favorite is the Seattle Sea Hawks.

Website of my favorite football team